Gympark Fitness, a familiar name to many is amongst the fastest growing fitness brand offering its members eleven branches nationwide.

With our first fitness gym officially introduced in the year 2000 in Bayu Tinggi, Klang our footprint has since grown to 11 branches and is amongst the leading fitness chain located throughout Klang Valley. We look towards providing branded machines to ensure equipment are at utmost quality and we’re working our way to grow and expand our brand throughout Malaysia.

Bringing fun to fitness.

At Gympark Fitness, we offer a unique lifestyle concept, a blend of fitness center with an entertainment atmosphere; ensuring workouts are of high energy, motivational and entertaining. Many of Gympark Fitness club members join not only to exercise but also to make friends, join classes, relax and chill out in vibrant club lounges and salons. We provide a clean and comfortable environment and we are well equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and machinery.


Apart from that, we also offer a variety of aerobic activities such Yoga, RPM and our wildly popular Zumba dance activities. Complementing these unique and innovative classes are our group fitness instructors who bring their unique blend of high energy and attitude to their classes.

Our Founder

Mr. Vijay Sukumaran

Gympark Fitness was founded in the year 1999 by Mr. Vijay Sukumaran @ Vijay. Mr.Vijay, a certified national bodybuilding coach comes from the town of Banting and is the middle child of the late Mr and Mrs Sukumaran. He graduated from Tafe College in Seremban with a Diploma in Electronics Engineering. After graduation, he joined as a chief technician at Blue Scope Steel (M) Sdn. Bhd.


At the age of 18, Mr Vijay developed an interest and passion for the art of bodybuilding. As a dedicated youngster, he had set up a mini homemade gym out of the family garage at his residence in Banting. In the later years, his passion had led him to establish his first ever commercial gymnasium named V-Fitness in Kapar, Klang. Due to financial constraints and the lukewarm support given by the residents led to the closure of this establishment in a short period of time.


Despite the drawbacks faced, he never gave up and further motivated himself to officially open Gympark Fitness in Bayu Tinggi, Klang in the year 2000. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, Gympark gained it’s popularity as the only gym establishment that operates 24 hours in Klang and this led to the rapid growth and expansion of this gym throughout Klang Valley.


With years of dedication and hardwork, Mr Vijay is the proud owner of a chain of fitness establishments that consists of 11 branches. He is also one of the Main Leading Distributor in Malaysia for both home and commercial gym equipments that are imported from USA and all over Europe.


Our gyms are equipped with the latest in equipment, to make sure that our customers are satisfied when it comes to their fitness experience. We understand the importance of creating a safe and comfortable environment to guarantee value for money.